Angkor Wat Documentary Videos

These Angkor Wat documentary videos unveil the massive Hindu temple that–since it was built in the 12th century–has been the largest religious structure in the world. Unknown to most people, this 1,000 year old building also protects another treasure: the world’s largest largest ancient royal portrait gallery consisting of nearly 1,800 images of 12th century Khmer women. Now called devata or apsara, each unique female portrait is carved in stone with terrific detail.

This collection of Angkor Wat documentary videos gives you a chance to experience this majestic monument first hand.

Angkor Wat Documentary Videos

Ian Wright visits Angkor Wat Cambodia (less than 2 minutes)

If you’ve only got a minute to get an eyeful of Angkor Wat this is the perfect video. The quirky British host of Globe Trekker gives a quick history and stunning images in record time.

Angkor Wat Documentary Videos

Lost Temples: Lost City of Angkor Wat (3 minutes)

This clip from the National Geographic film gives a brief introduction to the ancient religious complex of Angkor Wat in the jungles of Cambodia. A “city of temples” that reveals itself through a vast labyrinth of carved facades, galleries, and stairways.

Angkor Wat Documentary VideosMysteries of Asia: Jewels of the Jungle – Angkor Wat (52 minutes)

This excellent Learning Channel documentary explores historical fact and theory surrounding the ancient Khmer temples of Cambodia, much of whose history is undocumented.

This film examines the walled city of Angkor in detail, examining the unusual mix of Hindu and Buddhist religious figures among the Khmer structures.  The program also considers Cambodia’s recent history during the Pol Pot genocide and finally celebrates the survival of the ancient dances of Angkor, a direct cultural link to the distant past.

Angkor Wat Documentary Videos

Digging for the Truth (Five 10 minute segments)

This recent video (11/2008) featuring Hunter Ellis, is an exciting production that’s worth wartching. Here’s Ellis’ own intro to the video:

“This week join me in Cambodia as I unravel the mystery of a civilization that for centuries most thought didn’t exist, a place of rumor, myth and legend. Hidden in the jungle for over four hundred years, the discovery of Angkor Wat shocked the world. Its intricate majesty could only be the world of a sophisticated and advanced people. But where did they go? And why did they abandon all these temples to the jungle?

“To uncover the mystery of the lost Khmer Empire, I’ll travel to the top of Cambodia’s greatest temple, learn the secrets of bokotor, its newly rediscovered lethal martial art, and take to the air to track down the reason why this civilization disappeared into the mists of time.”

Digging for the Truth – Part 2 (10 minutes)

Digging for the Truth – Part 3 (10 minutes)

Digging for the Truth – Part 4 (10 minutes)

Digging for the Truth – Part 5 (10 minutes)

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