Siam Society Journal Archives Now Online 1904-2011

Bangkok, Thailand – Access to Southeast Asia’s oldest academic publication, the Journal of the Siam Society, is now available online for free, from its inaugural issue in 1904 to present. Free registration is available to readers worldwide, regardless of Society membership.

The Journal of the Siam Society (JSS) will release its historic 100th issue in late 2012.
The Journal of the Siam Society (JSS) will release its historic 100th issue in late 2012.

Under Royal Patronage since its inception in 1904, the Siam Society is one of Thailand’s oldest, most respected and most active organizations devoted to the study of local history, heritage and culture. The Society encourages the arts and sciences in Thailand and neighboring nations, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Since 1904, the Journal of the Siam Society (JSS) has been a leading scholarly publication in South-East Asia. Each issue of JSS includes a wide range of peer reviewed articles from expert authors around the world. The journal is presently edited by Dr. Chris Baker, co-author of the recent Thai translation of The Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen.

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In late 2012 the Siam Society will publish the Volume 100 of the Journal of the Siam Society (JSS). “Heritage” is the theme of this historic edition, complimenting the Society’s recently launched Siamese Heritage Protection Program. Specially selected articles will relate to heritage management in Siam, legal issues, heritage protection problems and comparative cases from neighboring countries.

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