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"Khmer Costumes & Ornaments: After the Devata of Angkor Wat" by Sappho Marchal. Plate XXX.

Book Review of Costumes of the Devata of Angkor Wat by Sappho Marchal

A mystery. How is it that in 1927, a 23-year-old woman understood more about the diversity of the 1,800 devata goddesses at the Khmer temple of Angkor Wat than mainstream scholars would see for the 80 years?

Equipped with nothing but a pad of paper and a pencil, Sappho Marchal was the first person to begin a quantitative analysis of the symbolism encoded in the royal female portraits immortalized in Angkor Wat. Who are these women? What hierarchy do they represent? Chances are the answers to these questions are portrayed in Sappho’s clear drawings.

Dancers of Banteay Srey performing a ritual blessing at a shrine in Siem Reap.

Tiny Dancers of Banteay Srey

Graceful sacred dancers of Banteay Srey train at the NKFC school to perform purifying ritual dances to honor Khmer ancestors and traditions.

Book Review of A Record of Cambodia by Zhou Daguan

A Record of Cambodia-Cambodia Daily Book Review

“A Record of Cambodia-Its Land and Its People” by Peter Harris offers a new translation of the 1295 AD Angkor visit of Zhou Daguan, This detailed Cambodia Daily book review examines the new edition.