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Ta Prohm

Shakti and Bhakti at Angkor Wat: devata on the south library of the second level.

Devata Goddess Temples

The Khmer civilization that grew to unify most of Southeast Asia between the 8th-14th centuries respected women. Today, we still see their temples filled with images of sacred women –termed devata, apsara or Khmer goddesses – who embody the feminine forces of the universe. While women and goddesses appear as icons in many ancient and modern societies, the Khmers gave sanctified women dominance over their state temples more consistently and more visibly than any other group.

Treasures of the Khmer Empire Video

Treasures of the Khmer Empire Video

A visually stunning production that opens with the narrator in the root covered ruins of Ta Prohm, a Khmer temple that French archaeologists intentionally left in its unrestored state.