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Apsara Arts dancer Priyadarsini Govind in her role as Vyjanthi in "Angkor the Untold Story"

Indian Apsaras Reveal the Untold Story of Angkor Wat

In a tale that traces royal love, divine wisdom, treachery and betrayal, “Angkor – The Untold Story” depicts the passion of a woman so pure that the temple she helped build nearly a millennium ago still stands as a testament to her passion. In this production by the Apsaras Arts dance troupe of Singapore, Indian apsaras reveal the untold story of Angkor Wat in a spectacular performance that is a breathtaking homage to the art and heritage of Cambodia and India. The November 2013 Indian Festival of Esplanade showcases their presentation as its opening performance.

Daughters of Angkor Wat edited by Kent Davis

Daughters of Angkor Wat

Daughters of Angkor Wat examines the mystery of why 1800 detailed portraits of ancient Khmer women appear in the Hindu temple Angkor Wat.

Book Review of A Record of Cambodia by Zhou Daguan

A Record of Cambodia-Cambodia Daily Book Review

“A Record of Cambodia-Its Land and Its People” by Peter Harris offers a new translation of the 1295 AD Angkor visit of Zhou Daguan, This detailed Cambodia Daily book review examines the new edition.