Web Host Hostgator Review

Web host Hostgator Review

What’s a web host Hostgator review doing on a site about ancient Khmer goddesses?

Simple – Hostgator gives us an easy, efficient, powerful and affordable way to get our information out to the world. We bet Hostgator can help with your business and personal websites, too.

EASY – Hostgator makes website management effortless from a single webpage that I can access from any computer in the world. My Hostgator Control Panel (bottom of page) may look like “rocket science” but it’s easy to use and makes life simple by giving me all the options in one place. And the best thing of all? Hostgator offers UNLIMITED  free tech support, 24 hours per day, from its Texas base. Free US-based tech support??? Pinch me…I must be dreaming. (-:

EFFICIENT – Their service has run almost perfectly for more than two years. And the few times there were problems their phone support fixed them quickly and efficiently.

POWERFUL – Whether you have a single domain or you’re managing a number of websites, Hostgator gives you total instant control over everything. [Our parent organization, DatAsia, has 68 domains in their package.] You can instantly create UNLIMITED new email and ftp addresses, add UNLIMITED domains, build commercial sites…etc. Hostgator gives you total control.

AFFORDABLE – Devata is hosted on the “Baby Gator” plan…with 67 other websites(!)…for $7.95 PER MONTH. So all the reliability, free phone support, and power…for 8 bucks a month? I think Hostgator is the best hosting solution on the web.

Please sign up with Hostgator by clicking this link or others on this page.
You’ll get great hosting at special rates and Devata.org gets hosting credit.
It’s a win-win situation.

HostGator Web Hosting
Web Hosting Hostgator Review:

  1. UNLIMITED Disk Space
  2. UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  3. Host UNLIMITED Websites
  4. FREE Instant Setup
  5. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  6. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  7. CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Perl
  9. FREE Site Builder
  10. cPanel Hosting
  11. 24/7/365 Upgraded Support
  12. No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Try Hostgator to help yourself…and Devata.org, too. Please click on the Gator logo at the top for details.

The screenshot below shows our Hostgator control panel (cpanel), giving us the ability to do anything to any of our 68 websites instantly, from anywhere in the world.

Web host Hostgator review: With out control panel we can do ANYTHING to our webs instantly.
Web host Hostgator review: With out control panel we can do ANYTHING to our webs instantly.

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