Philadelphia TV Features Cambodian Heritage

Philadelphia, PA – Nearly 9,000 miles from Cambodia, more than 18,000 Khmer people now call Philadelphia their home. Many Cambodians actively preserve the ancient cultural legacy of art, cuisine, dance and music from their original home, as featured in “The Art of Life” series on local television station WHYY.

Khmer culture is featured on WHYY TV’s “Art of Life” series.

Extended  Interview with Rorng Sorn

The WHYY website now features an extended interview with Rorng Sorn, who was born in rural Cambodia in 1968. In the interview, Rorng Sorn recounts the difficult road from the countryside of Cambodia to the urban streets of Philadelphia.

Rorng Sorn interviewed on WHYY TV

Despite the challenges, Rorng Sorn achieved the education she so desired, earning a Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania. In return, she serves her community through her role as Executive Director of the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia.

A portrait of Rorng Sorn’s family before the war.

In her inspiring interview, Rorng Sorn describes her personal experience of what life was like for her family during the Khmer Rouge and the devastation that followed. Most important, she talks about how she became a leader in Philadelphia’s Khmer community so she could contribute to preserving her culture.


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