Treasures of the Khmer Empire Video

A visually stunning production that opens with the narrator in the root covered ruins of Ta Prohm, a Khmer temple that French archaeologists intentionally left in its unrestored state. Treasures of the Khmer Empire Video

Next we travel to Angkor Wat starting with a view across the rainbow bridge and proceeding to the top of the temple. The narrator accurately conveys information about the temple’s connection to Vishnu, the bas relief carvings and the story of the Churning of the Sea of Milk depicted on the east wall.

Next he focuses on the devata, calling them asparas, celestial nymphs, and characterizing them as escorts to the gods and king.

Next he travels outside to describe Angkor Wat as a model of the universe with beautiful scenes in the green gardens, evidently shot during the wet months from August to October.

Treasures of the Khmer Empire – Angkor Wat – (6:00)

Treasures of the Khmer Empire Video

Treasures of the Khmer Empire – King Jayavarman VII – (5:50)

This part opens with a helicopter flight around Angkor Wat and a discussion about the Cham invasion of Angkor following the death of Suryavarman II. But all was not lost and around 1,185 Jayavarman VII ascended the throne and built the city of Angkor Thom.

Jayavarman also changed the state religion from Hinduism to Buddhism and began building temples, such as the Bayon which is examined in great detail.

Treasures of the Khmer Empire Video

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