Ta Som Khmer Temple at Angkor

By Kent Davis Ta Som Khmer Temple at Angkor

The Khmer temple of Ta Som is located northeast of the walled city of Angkor Thom and east of the water temple of Neak Pean.

King Jayavarman VII built Ta Som late in the 12th century and dedicated it to his father, King Dharanindravarman II, who ruled the Khmer Empire from 1150 to 1160 following the death of King Suryavarman II.

Henri Marchal first cleared the vegetation from the temple in 1930. The central towers were arranged in the quincunx pattern, like Angkor Wat, but now only the east tower is left standing so this is less obvious.

Little is known of the history and purpose of Ta Som. It was likely dedicated to Jayavarman VII’s father, although some have speculated that it may have been dedicated to one of his teachers. The site is relatively small compared with the many other temples built under Jayavarman’s reign.

For detailed photos of the Khmer devata and apsara of Ta Som please visit this page.

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