Stones in the Sky Video by Graham Hancock

Stones in the Sky Video by Graham Hancock
The Hindu snake goddess Naga Kanya

Graham Hancock is a proponent of unconventional theories about an ancient civilization that disseminated a sophisticated religion of ground-sky dualism and a “science” of immortality. His main concept is that many ancient sites –  the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, the temple of Angkor Wat, the Yonaguni stuctures in the Pacific, and megaliths in Bolivia and Peru are geodetically situated to guide us to a “lost civilization or ‘invisible college’ of astronomer-priests”.

Hancock argues that the mathematical and architectural evidence at these sites indicates a gnosis, or body of knowledge, that will allow humanity to defeat mortality, a paradigm in which the “knowledge-giving serpent of Eden” is not a villain but a hero. The Khmer civilization is also infused with serpent mythology: a female “nagini,” daughter of the King of the Nagas, is one of the legendary progenitors of the Khmer race.

The 15 minute introduction to this video is presented here primarily for it’s beautiful images of Khmer temples. And it’s always interesting to consider new ideas.

Stones in the Sky – Part 1 (7:00)

Stones in the Sky Video by Graham HancockStones in the Sky – Part 2 (7:30)

Stones in the Sky Video by Graham Hancock

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